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Shrinking budgets. Compressed timelines. And of course, improved performance. Finding the perfect partner for customized products isn’t getting any easier. LISK understands your challenges. Our engineering team will collaborate with you to create new solutions that meet the industry demands of today and the future innovations to adapt for tomorrow.

LISK has over 50 years of experience and custom designs to leverage for your solution and the engineering horsepower to develop fully customized solenoids, solenoid valves, sensors and flame arrestors to help solve the challenges you face today.

It doesn’t stop with the design. We prototype, test, and manufacture – all under one roof with industry-renowned quality, consistency, and dependability that has made LISK a preferred partner with the biggest names in the industries we serve. Reduce costs and time to market, and set your product apart from the competition.

Experience the difference yourself. Engineer to engineer. Manufacturer to manufacturer. Business to business. We’ve got you covered.

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Markets We Serve

  • Aerospace
    • With a LISK component on nearly every aircraft in flight today, we are a world leader in the design and production of customized sensors, valves, solenoids, and flame arrestors for aerospace. But we don’t do it alone. We collaborate with customers, providing valuable technical expertise at both the component and system levels. Our engineering group is dedicated and experienced, and our extensive pedigree and qualifications prove our quality and compliance standards.

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  • Defense
    • LISK takes pride in providing customized products for the Department of Defense. With over 65 years of experience, we know the rigid standards of the DoD. As one of the top five global suppliers of customized solenoids, solenoid valves, LVDT sensors, and flame arrestors, we design, manufacture, test, and support our products end-to-end in our own facility. This is our commitment to delivering products for critical military applications that help eliminate the potential for error. LISK’s heritage as a preferred defense supplier demonstrates our proven skillset and experience, as well as our integrity and reliability as a partner.

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  • On-Highway
    • Standards and applications requirements for engine emissions are constantly changing. LISK is a proven provider of innovative, customized solutions for engine management because of our flexibility and responsiveness to our customer’s evolving needs. Our engineers can design customized solenoids, solenoid valves, LVDT sensors, and flame arrestors to meet typical or unique challenges in the diesel and natural gas engine industries and specialize on meeting highly specific application requirements. We manufacture each component end-to-end completely in-house, ensuring a reliable, quality supply chain partner.

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  • Off-Highway
    • The Off-Highway equipment market has some of the world’s most demanding application requirements to meet high pressures, harsh environments, and extreme temperature variations. LISK’s reputation for excellence in custom-designed solenoids, valves, sensors, and flame arrestors drives our continuous development of innovative products for this market. Let us help you achieve your vision of producing the most reliable off-highway piece of equipment. Our engineers will work closely with you to deliver solutions that meet your precise specifications, manufactured to the highest quality and backed by a proven technical support team.

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  • Railway
    • Solenoids, valves, sensors, and flame arrestors for the Railway market are rarely just “off-the-shelf”  – with aggressive cost demands, extended maintenance intervals, and instant response requirements. Fortunately, the engineering team here at LISK specializes in working with customers and OEMs to deliver solutions that match their specific application requirements. With our deep experience and proven success with heavy-duty diesel and natural gas engine management technologies, we can design and manufacture custom products that will help ensure even your most demanding locomotive engine projects succeed over the long haul.

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  • Marine
    • Customers the world over depend on LISK to deliver advanced solutions in the medium- and heavy-duty Marine Engine market. We’re able to leverage our overwhelming success in the On-Road, Off-Road, and Oil & Gas markets, with a deep understanding that engine management technologies for the open-water arena must be tougher than those designed for land. Our marine products are built with that durability and longevity in mind. From recreational yachts to commercial shipping, we’re confident we can design and manufacture the right technology to suit your most ambitious projects, complying with the most stringent customer standards and environmental regulations.

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  • Oil & Gas
    • LISK partners with leading OEMs to design and manufacture customized or semi-customized products for the Oil & Gas industry from sub-sea to surface. Our engineers work with you to design your component with the appropriate temperature and pressure tolerance to suit your application. Our products have many variations depending on the fluid your equipment uses, the pressure within the application, and the space you have to work in. Just as importantly, we tailor our manufacturing process to deliver products promptly, keeping you consistently and dependably supplied to meet industry demands. And we back all our products with exceptional technical assistance and engineering support.

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      Oil & Gas


The RVDT provides continuous position feedback for use in a wide range of environmental conditions and offers unsurpassed reliability for rotary position sensing applications!

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The leader in the design and manufacturing of custom solenoids, solenoid valves, LVDTs, and flame arrestors.

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