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GW Lisk isn't just a player in the solenoid actuated valve market...
we're the industry leader!

The Advantages of a Lisk Solenoid Operated Valve are Clear:

Speed - Depending upon a number of factors, response times in the range of 5-15mS are not at all uncommon for a Lisk electromagnetic actuated valve.

Control - With today's advanced controllers coupled with our abilities to produce solenoids with linear force curves and pinpoint tolerances, precision control is everyday at GW Lisk.

Customization - Our engineers specialize in special. Whether it is unique or corrosive media, excessive pressures, high flows, or extended cycle life, we can help. Our countless unique designs leave our customers with an engineering resource toolbox filled to overflowing.

Energy - It is the inherent nature of an electromagnetically actuated solenoid valve to develop higher forces at smaller air gaps. This means when your valve energizes and opens (or closes), power use can be cut way back while maintaining the same initial forces.

We Have Experience in Your Market:

You don't have time to start from scratch with your supplier. Hit the ground running when you contact GW Lisk. Our vast engineering resources and over 50 years of experience in the solenoid valve market ensure you get the expertise you need the first time.

Heavy Duty / Diesel - We specialize in exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valves along with other fuel and emissions applications.

Military / Aerospace - Lisk has established relationships with the biggest names in the industry. Work with someone who knows your specs in your industry!

Energy - If it's off shore or down hole, we know the standards and we know the environment. Explosion proof (NEMA) and intrinsically safe are routine at GW Lisk.

Pneumatic or hydraulic, in the air or below the sea, we have done it. Contact us today!

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