LISK Headquarters Clifton Springs, NY

May 20th 2015 – LISK is preparing for a major expansion to its manufacturing operations in Clifton Springs. LISK President and CEO Edward Maier discussed the company and its planned expansion Wednesday in a Why ROC conversation on News 8 at Sunrise.

Lisk manufactures valves, solenoids, position sensors and flame arrestors.  Maier said Lisk products are found in most of the major airframes today.  The company also produces valves for highway equipment and the oil and gas market.

Last year the company added 40 permanent employees, growing to over 600 employees in the process.  In early June, Lisk will hold a ribbon cutting for its new 70,000 square foot, state of the art manufacturing facility constructed adjacent to the current Clifton Springs campus.  It will house the company’s CNC machining operation and other technical manufacturing, assembly and test operations.  Maier anticipates adding at least another 30 permanent employees in 2015.

LISK was founded in 1910 by George Washington Lisk.  After serving on B29s in World War II, GW’s grandson Drew Morris took over the company.  Over 65 years, Morris led a Lisk transformation from a manufacturer of fly sprayers and baking pans to a high tech manufacturer of solenoids, valves, position sensors and flame arrestors.

Maier said the Rochester area continues provides Lisk with a superior manufacturing support structure, a talented technical workforce, educational institutions and a supportive local government.