Oil & Gas

High Performance, High Reliability, Field Proven

Meet your most challenging application requirements with our engineered position sensors, valves, solenoids, and flame arrestors for the oil & gas industry.


Lisk partners with you to design and manufacture customized products for the oil & gas industry from subsea to topside. Our engineers design each solution with the appropriate temperature and pressure tolerance to suit your application.

Oil & Gas Applications

Our sensors (LVDTs and RVDTs), valves, solenoids and flame arrestors are created with the highest quality for a wide array of oil & gas systems. We leverage our many years of experience to deliver reliable solutions on schedule and on budget.

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Oil Gas Sensors 2020

Sensors for Oil & Gas

Lisk design and manufactures LVDT and RVDT position sensors to meet the specific requirements for the oil & gas industry. Our team collaborates with you to produce the right solution for your specific application. Each sensor undergoes extensive testing to ensure performance in the field.

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Valves for Oil & Gas

Valves for Oil & Gas

Our family of oil & gas valves includes solenoid valves, pilot operated control valves, pressure relief valves, check valves, direct operated control valves, pilot operated relief valves, and shuttle valves. Each valve is engineered to meet your specific application requirements.

  • Optimized Size, Weight & Electrical Power
  • High Pressure 20,000 psi (1379 BAR)
  • High Temperature up to 500°F (260°C)
  • Water/Glycol Based Fluids
  • Specialized Corrosion Resistant Alloys
  • Multi-Channel/Redundant (Dual Coil) Valve
  • Specialized Seal
  • NACE Compliant Materials (Optional)
  • Specialized Valves for Automation
  • Multi-Region Hazardous Certifications
    • ATEX
    • IECEx
    • UL/CSA
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Solenoids for Oil & Gas

Solenoids for Oil & Gas

Our solenoids are suitable for the most extreme conditions and are hazardous location certified making them an easy choice for the aerospace industry. We custom design and manufacture each solenoid solution to meet the specific needs of your application. Typical applications for our solenoid solutions range from control valves, hydraulic fracturing equipment to mechanical interlocks. Our solenoids have multi-region hazardous certifications including ATEX, IECEx, and UL/CSA.

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Flame Arrestor for Oil & Gas

Flame Arrestors for Oil & Gas

Lisk offers a full range of customized flame arrestors for oil and gas applications. We design our flame arrestor solutions for refineries, pipelines handling compressed air, oil or natural gas, storage tanks, generator sets, high pressure water pumps (fracturing).

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