Off Highway

Reliable Performance in Demanding Environments

Improve performance and meet demanding environmental requirements with our engineered solenoids, valves, and flame arrestors for the off-highway industry.


The off-highway equipment industry has some of the world’s most demanding application requirements. Our engineers will work closely with you to deliver solutions that meet your precise specifications, manufactured to the highest quality and backed by a proven technical support team.

Off Highway Applications

Our solenoids, valves, and flame arrestors are created with the highest quality for several off-highway applications. We leverage our many years of experience to deliver these solutions on schedule and on budget.

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  • Construction Machinery
  • Material Handling
  • Power Generation Sets
  • Agricultural Machinery
  • Forestry Equipment
  • Rail
  • Marine
Solenoids for Off Highway applications

Solenoids for Off Highway

We integrate your specific features with our custom design to produce solenoid solutions that make your systems smarter, safer and more reliable. Lisk designs, manufactures and supports our solenoids in North America, Europe & Asia. Our solenoids offer hydraulic and engine control with the following features:

  • Multi-region Hazardous Certifications
    • ATEX
    • IECEx
    • UL/CSA
  • High reliability solenoid operators
  • Full service hydraulic actuator assemblies
  • Custom actuator tubes & over-molded coils
  • Optional integrated wire harnesses & connectors:
    • (Duestch, DIN, Amp Jr., 2 Pin, Leadwire and more)
  • Solenoids and Solenoid operated relays
  • Housing interlocks, cowlings, safety shields
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Off Highway Valves

Valves for Off Highway

We are a leading supplier of control valve solutions for off-highway applications. Our solutions include:

  • Hydrocarbon and Urea Dosing for DPF and SCR emissions control applications
  • Natural gas control solutions including: Smart fuel control system, Flow Control valves, Shut-off valves, and Pressure Control Valves.
  • Exhaust Valve Solutions including: EGR (Poppet and Butterfly Designs, exhaust brake / exhaust throttle, exhaust diverter/selector control; and Waste Heat Recovery control. Fully customizable actuation systems such as hydraulic or electrical motor operated.
  • Thermal Management valves for battery, fuel cell, hybrid and diesel powertrains
  • Transmission control valves
  • Suspension control valves including ride height adjustment and variable damping control
  • Turbo variable geometry control and waste gate control valves
  • Engine oil controls including pressure and flow control valves for cylinder deactivation, variable valve timing, piston cooling jets, and oil cooling.
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Off Highway Flame Arrestors

Flame Arrestors for Off Highway

Lisk collaborates with each customer to produce customized flame arrestors for heavy duty engines used in hazardous location vehicles. Our flame arrestors are engineered to meet customer requirements in accordance with EN12874 or ISO 16852:2009 as well as for diesel engines in mining when applicable. We consider industry requirements for engine management as well as your designs and specific application to create the best flame arrestor solution.

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