High Performance, High Reliability, Extensive Pedigree

Improve performance and reliability with our engineered position sensors, valves, solenoids, and flame arrestors for the space industry.


Our extensive field proven experience allows us to help you meet the stringent standards and application requirements found in the space industry. We collaborate with our customers, working engineer to engineer, to provide solutions capable of handling the mission critical environments found in the space industry. We use extensive finite element analysis as well as other analyses to ensure that each solution will meet the challenges of it’s application.

Space Applications

Our sensors (LVDTs and RVDTs) are created with the highest quality for several space systems. We leverage our many years of experience to deliver reliable solutions on schedule and on budget.

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  • Satellite & Rocket Launch
  • Thrust Vector Control
  • Valve Position Feedback
Space Sensors

Sensors for Space

We are a leading supplier of position sensors for the aerospace and space industries. Lisk’s LVDT, RVDT and Delta-P position sensors are engineered to withstand the most rigorous environmental conditions such as thermal changes, vibration and shock.

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Vulcan, OmegA, Atlas V, New Glenn, Mars Lander, Vulcan 9, Delta 4 and Arian 6.