Engineered for Sustainability and Efficiency

Our valves are designed to handle even the most extreme environmental conditions from aerospace to on-highway while keeping uptime and operational costs at the forefront.

Improved Efficiency

Lisk engineered valves can be driven by a variety of actuators: linear or rotary with specific hardware configurations to meet unique qualification requirements (Aerospace, Explosion Proof, and Heavy Industry). We fully customize our valves to handle corrosive media, excessive pressures, high flows, or extended cycle life. For high precision control, we recommend coupling today’s electronics with our valve products for pinpoint accuracy.


Our valves have field proven experience in multiple industries. We leverage our many years of experience to deliver reliable solutions on schedule and on budget.

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Our engineers design electromagnetic actuated valves that can reach response times faster than 2.0 ms. Electromagnetically actuated valves develop higher forces at smaller air gaps. When your valve energizes and opens or closes, you can reduce power but maintain the same initial force. Common customizations include:

  • Vacuum pressure to 40,000 psi designs
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic media, normally closed and normally open valve designs
  • Premium materials with specialized coatings for highly corrosive environments
  • Direct and pilot operated valves, 2, 3, 4, and 5 way designs
  • Regulators, fuel control, fuel shutoff, Proportional, and Digital Control Valves
  • Advanced exhaust gas recirculation (EGR), waste gate, and diverter valves for diesel engines
Aerospace Valves


Our family of aerospace valves includes solenoid valves, shut off valves, check/relief valves, shuttle valves, and manifold systems. Each valve is engineered to meet your specific application requirements.

Defense Aerospace Valves


Lisk manufactures customized valves for the DoD that are used in a wide range of military aircraft and ground vehicles. Our on engine valves include everything from hydrocarbon dosing, waste gate control valves, EGR valves to natural gas fuel control valves. In the air, we design solenoids valves, check/relief valves, shut off valves, and shuttle valves for various applications. We also have experience designing and manufacturing manifold systems to meet the unique requirements of specific applications.

On Highway Valves 2020


We are a leading supplier of control valve solutions for on-highway and off-highway applications. Our solutions include:

  • Hydrocarbon and Urea Dosing for DPF and SCR emissions control applications
  • Natural gas control solutions including: Smart fuel control system, Flow Control valves, Shut-off valves, and Pressure Control Valves.
  • Exhaust Valve Solutions including: EGR (Poppet and Butterfly Designs, exhaust brake / exhaust throttle, exhaust diverter/selector control; and Waste Heat Recovery control. Fully customizable actuation systems such as hydraulic or electrical motor operated.
  • Thermal Management valves for battery, fuel cell, hybrid and diesel powertrains
  • Transmission control valves
  • Suspension control valves including ride height adjustment and variable damping control
  • Turbo variable geometry control and waste gate control valves
  • Engine oil controls including pressure and flow control valves for cylinder deactivation, variable valve timing, piston cooling jets, and oil cooling.
Valves for Oil & Gas


Our family of oil & gas valves includes solenoid valves, pilot operated control valves, pressure relief valves, check valves, direct operated control valves, pilot operated relief valves, and shuttle valves. Each valve is engineered to meet your specific application requirements.

  • Optimized Size, Weight & Electrical Power
  • High Pressure 20,000 psi (1379 BAR)
  • High Temperature up to 500°F (260°C)
  • Water/Glycol Based Fluids
  • Specialized Corrosion Resistant Alloys
  • Multi-Channel/Redundant (Dual Coil) Valve
  • Specialized Seal
  • NACE Compliant Materials (Optional)
  • Specialized Valves for Automation
  • Multi-Region Hazardous Certifications
    • ATEX
    • IECEx
    • UL/CSA