G.W. Lisk Company Launches New Actuator Technology that Innovates Push-Pull Actuation

CLIFTON SPRINGS, New York, July 30, 2021 – G.W. Lisk Company, a global leader in engineered solutions for aerospace, defense, on/off highway, and mobile industrial hydraulics, is pleased to announce the launch of their CompAct Technology. This patented innovation leverages an embedded magnet design for push-pull actuation in half the space of traditional push-pull solenoids. LISK is launching the 37mm series of CompAct technology with plans to expand to larger sizes in 2022.

G.W. Lisk Company believes the CompAct Technology will complement their extensive line of solenoids. CompAct differs from traditional push-pull technology in both size and performance. Package size of CompAct is up to 50% smaller because of its single coil design and the entire unit is plated for up to 1,000 hours corrosion resistance per ASTM B117. This innovation provides an increased level of performance with proportional repeatability within less than 1% of full stroke.

“As LISK continues to invest in breakthrough technology and capacity in support of our customers, we are pleased to introduce this unique technology.  CompAct provides significant, fundamental advantages to our marketplace and furthers LISK’s position as a world leader in engineered motion and fluid control.” commented Ed Maier, G.W. Lisk’s President and CEO.

For more information on LISK’s CompAct Technology, visit https://www.gwlisk.com/solutions/compact-technology/compact-37mm-series/

About G.W.Lisk Company

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