As you strive for better efficiency, sustainability, performance and safety we are innovating to ensure that you continue to be right on the cutting edge.


Our LVDT and RVDT position sensors offer you unparalleled control in even the most demanding environmental conditions.

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Designed for durability and high performance our solenoids can meet your application's specific requirements.

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Our innovative valves can be configured to meet the most unique qualification requirements. Whether in the air or on the ground our valves are proven to keep you progressing toward the future.

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Integrated Smart Solutions

With increasing efficiency, regulatory and diagnostic requirements, it is paramount to have complete control of your system for optimal performance and reliability.

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GW Lisk Flame Arrestors

Flame Arrestors

Designed for safety, our flame arrestors provide protection from explosions in high risk environments across multiple industries from aerospace to oil & gas.

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CompAct Technology

A patented bidirectional embedded magnet actuator that enables reduced system footprint, faster response times, and optimized energy efficiency.

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LISK Testing Image

Test Services

We offer testing capabilities and services to ensure that your solution will operate as designed and pass rigorous industry requirements.

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